20 June 2016

Solutions & Services

Drive Performance by Digitizing Labor

Our Solutions base on innovative technologies which drive highest possible process automation and support. We are sure that your business processes are performing great already, but what if you could breakthrough to even unthought performance levels, and cost savings?

We provide two complementary solutions which are going to be under General Availability soon, to let you drive the digital transformation to your individual benefits:


Get rid of the “Hey-Joe-effect” that wastes time and money. From now on, your employees will get answers 24/7 in any language - without bothering colleagues. The JoeBot serves as central enterprise knowledge base - just drop him any question, e.g. using Skype, and he will answer instantly.

performance simulation

“Less time spent finding answers. More time for innovations!”


Looking for 1:1 coaching of each and every employee? You want your teams making use of best practices at any time? Well, here we go: the CoachBot proactively offers required know-how, relevant training content and courses, and more, to improve the skills and performance of all your employees.

performance bot

“The recipe for top performers. The shortcut to expertise!”


Our Professional Services

We help identifying areas of digital transformation that really have an impact for you.

Strategic DT Workshops

Design Thinking for your Digital Transformation benefits on your bottom line.

digital transformation

“The CIOs favorite!”

Implementation & Training

Get personal assistance by an assigned Customer Success Manager to provide you with a highly-qualitative, customer-individual, and speedy enablement.

implementation robot

“Up and running in a blink of an eye!”

Coaching Services

Coaching you or your bots – use our outside-in view to gain professional advice from industry-related business cases and best practices around the globe.


coaching services robot

“You never know what you don’t know!”

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